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Features of "Bio Luxe"

This model comes with a 10 year guarantee.


The "Bio Luxe" mattress is a  pocket sprung mattress, with 280 pocket springs per square meter offering superior comfort and support.

The luxury no-turn mattress features a ReActive pocket spring system. Every ReActive spring has 6 active turns - each spring independently senses your shape and weight distribution to provide total spinal and body support.

The "Bio Luxe" mattress is upholstered with luxurious and natural layers of fillings:

Natural cotton - a supremely soft, yet resilient filling, providing long lasting comfort

Natural latex - make it is extremely durable while latex is a naturally durable material that conforms quickly to the shape of your body

Wool - a micro climate controller keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer

280 pocket springs per square meter

Upholstered with luxurious layers of Memory foam, Natural Latex and Wool

2 rows of hand side stitching

Traditionally hand tufted for added support

100% Organic Cotton cover





Mattress Specifications

  • Handmade anatomical mattress
  • Pocket springs
  • Cotton wool
  • Memory visco
  • Latex Wool
  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Mechanism of independent springs 580 / m2.
  • Perimeter holding plate of the springs 1 cm.
  • Non Wooven on the upper and lower surface of the mechanism Wadding S800 / D1 with integrated carpet for durability
  • 3 cm thick
  • Latex 3 cm thick
  • On the surface & in the phase quality fabric STANDARD 100 - antibacterial ZAKAR Olive Oil 100% Viscose,
  • quilted in white hypoallergenic cotton wool 300gr.
  • Cotton wool with Cotton carpet DYNA / 700 ECO (700gr / m2)
  • Woolen cotton wool with carpet
  • Wool DYNA 1/500 ECO (500gr / m2)
  • Handles
  • Total height 28 ยฑ 1cm.

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